How to send mail with Atomic Mail Sender and VIP SMTP Server

1. August 2013 08:48

You can easily use VIP SMTP Server with Atomic Mail Sender. It is very easy to cinfigure and fully compatible. Here is a step by step instructions on How to use Atomic Mail Sender with VIP SMTP Server (ie: We have used as your server details):


1. Run the Atomic Mail Sender.


2. Then Click on the Settings option. A new window will open.


3. Use the details of you VIP SMTP server and follow the marked steps:



4. A new window will open and fill the necessary of your VIP SMTP Server following the marked steps:



5. Now click on SMTP Wizard and a new window will open.



6. Follow the directed step as shown in the image:



7. Insert the details as directed and put your sender email address correctly as provided with the details of your VIP SMTP Server:



8. Finally Click Finish and start sendin Mail.



VIP SMTP Server can be used with any email sender software. Please feel free to contact us.

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