Configure multiple SMTP in Rapid Email Sender

4. October 2011 04:33

Rapid Email Sender is capable of using multiple SMTP Server. Here is how to do it

How to get all undelivered mail from Rapid Email Sender Advance

15. September 2011 12:49

Rapid Email Sender saves all campaign data in its own database. You can easily get all undelivered recipient mail. Here are the steps:

1. Press Mail Data>Mail Sending History

2. You will get a list of all sent email campaign.

3. Select the desired email campaign.

4. From toolbar menu press Export>Export Undelivered

5. Browse a location in your computer and enter a name to save all undelivered mail from selected campaign.

How to extract emails from Outlook Express

13. September 2011 05:57

Extract Any Mail can easily extract email IDs from Outlook Express or any version of Outlook. A new Extract emails from Outlook function has been added. Here are the steps:

1. Open Outlook Express. From menu press File>Export>Messages..

2. Press OK when you get Choose Profile dialog.


3. Check All folders and Click OK to export.

4. Now open Extract Any Mail latest version.

5. From toolbar, press Extract>Extract Emails From Outlook


This will extract all mails in outlook inbox, junk and contacts folder including To, From, CC, BCC.

You can easily download Extract Any Mail latest version from here:

How to run Cron jobs in Rapid Email Marketer

15. August 2011 08:17

Through this tutorial i will show you how to run cron jobs in Rapid Email Marketer. Cron job will allow mail scheduling in Rapid Email Marketer. Sometimes you may encounter that your cron job is not running. Or after restarting the server you may need to run the cron job. Here is how to run cron jobs:

1. Open your server. We provide Server URL, Username and Password with each Rapid Email Marketer delivery mail.

2. Click Webmin from the left top position.

3. Click System>Scheduled Cron Jobs

4. You will get the Cron job lists. Now Click on the appropriate cron job called Cron.php

5. Finally press Run Now from the bottom menu panel.

That's it. Your cron job will be run frequenly. Hope you can do this easily. If still face problem please don't hesitate to drop a mail here:

How many mails i should send using VIP SMTP Unlimited

6. August 2011 03:18

There is no limitations set. If your recipient list is suscribed then you are free to send any number of mails. In most cases the recipient list is not subscribed. In that case to avoid blacklisting use our guide:

1. Verify your recipient list and decrease bounce: You should check the validity of your recipient list so that you will send less bounce and spam filter will treat you well. Too much bounce will drive your server to be blacklisted. Use Valid Email Verifier. You can download for free from here:


2. Use appropriate Sender Email ID: Don't use a fake sender email ID. You must use a valid sender email ID that matches to your server domain. For example if your server domain is then use (replace anything with friendly name).


3. Check your content with free Spam Filter: You should check your email content with subject with free online spam filter checker. Here is a good free spam filter checker:

This tool will recommend you some change you should do to your email content to look it better to spam filter.


4. Effect of Unsubscribe Link: You should add an unsubscribe line with your mail. It is really effective.


5. Send slow: Don't send too much mail in short period of time. Send in a steady rate will increase your inbox delivery.


6. After Campaign: After sending campaign use Bounce Detector to collect all bounce and remove them from your list. It is vital and very important. You can download Bounce Detector from here:

IP Address Lookup, check IP addresses for blacklisting

5. July 2011 12:10

You may have problem delivering your mail using your SMTP server. You can check your SMTP server IP address for blacklisting. It will show you where your IP got blacklisted and your hostname also. A good way to lookup IP addresses for safe use.

Check your IP addresses now

VIP SMTP Unlimited - How tos

5. July 2011 12:07

We got this helpful resource on how to fix/manage your VIP SMTP Server regularly for effective performance. It is detailed and described in easy language to understand better. Read this fascinating VIP SMTP Unlimited Management How Tos here:

VIP SMTP Unlimited FAQ released

5. July 2011 12:04

We got many questions regarding VIP SMTP Unlimited. Among them we sorted our some questions and released VIP SMTP FAQ. You can check it here:


If you have more questions, please don't forget to ask us.

How to verify email faster with multiple VIP Server URL License

20. June 2011 09:04

You can speed up total email verification process using Valid Email Verifier and mutiple VIP Server URL. Here is a video tutorial that describes how to use multiple VIP Server URL with Valid Email Verifier and increase the speed of email verification process.

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Let us know if you have any question or need support.

How to Extract Emails From Forum

19. June 2011 16:18

A forum is a good source of targeted email ID. Valid Email Collector Advance helps you collect emails from any forum. Here is a post that describes how to get emails from forum.

Read Extract Email From Forum

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