How to solve copy paste not working issue in Remote Desktop?

17. July 2013 06:56

Solution 01:

  • If copying and pasting from a remote computer don't work, clipboard redirection might be disabled. To fix this, disconnect your Remote Desktop session, and then do this:

    Open Remote Desktop Connection by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, and then clicking Remote Desktop Connection.

    Click Options, click the Local Resources tab, and then, under Local devices and resources, select the Clipboard check box.

  • Depending on the policies of your network and the version of Windows that is running on the remote computer, this procedure might not work with some Remote Desktop connections.


Solution 02:

A small application called "RDPCLIP.EXE" handles all the copy/paste process in Remote Desktop. Firstly, you need to terminate the previously running program, then you need to restart it again. Here is how to do it:

1. Login to remote computer using Remote Desktop (RDP)

2. Open Task Manager in the remote machine

3. Click the "Process" tab

4. Locate a program called "rdpclip.exe"

5. Right click and select "End process" to terminate this program.

6. Click on "File" menu in the task manager and select "New Task (Run)"

7. Type rdpclip.exe and press the button to start the process.


If you feel any kind of problem, please feel free to contact us.

How to send mail with Send Blaster and VIP SMTP Server

16. July 2013 09:58

You can easily use VIP SMTP Server with Send Blaster. It is very easy to cinfigure and fully compatible. Here is a step by step instructions on How to use Send Blaster with VIP SMTP Server:


1. Run the Send Blaster.


2. Press "Send" from the left toolbar.



3. Then "Messages Send" window will appear. Then put the details that has been sent by us to you according to the serial (1-10) marked in the image. We assumed that your preffered domain name is You should use your own domain name.



4. After pressing "Connection test", a new window will appear as below the image for successful establishment of connection.




VIP SMTP Server can be used with any email sending software. If you have a software to configure with VIP SMTP Server and you do not know how to do then please feel free to contact us.

How to send mail with Fast Email Sender and VIP SMTP Server

16. July 2013 08:26

You can easily use VIP SMTP Server with Fast Email Sender. It is very easy to cinfigure and fully compatible. Here is a step by step instructions on How to use Fast Email Sender with VIP SMTP Server:


1. Run the Fast Email Sender.


2. Press "From Accounts" from the toolbar.



3. Create New Account window will appear. Then select "SMTP Account" and Press "Create New" as shown in the image.



4. Setup email account window will appear. Here you need to enter your SMTP details that you received from us through mail. We assume that your domain name is

Now enter details as shown in the image below. Please do not forget to replace with your domain name. 


5. Press "Test Connection". After a while a message will confirm that your SMTP has been configured correctly.



VIP SMTP Server can be used with any email sending software. If you have a software to configure with VIP SMTP Server and you do not know how to do that then please feel free to contact us.

How to Send Mail Using VIP SMTP Server With Rapid Email Sender Advance 12

17. October 2012 09:27

VIP SMTP Server and Rapid Email Sender Advance provides perfect solution for your total email marketing needs. Here is how to use VIP SMTP Server with Rapid Email Sender Advance 12.

1. Download Rapid Email Sender from here:

2. Now you can view packages of VIP SMTP Server and purchase from here:

3. Install Rapid Email Sender Advance 12 and run it.

4. You need to follow 4 simple steps to configure VIP SMTP Server and start sending mails.

5. Press Compose Message.

6. Now enter your Mail Subject and Body.

7. Now Press Manage Lists from Navigation Menu. And add your own email ID where you will receive this mail.

8. Now Press Sender Details from the Navigation Menu. You will view Sender Details window. Here you need to fill up Your Business Name, Your VIP SMTP Server Sender Email ID (exactly as sent through delivery mail) and your Reply To ID where you want to receive replies from your recipient. Please note, you must use the exact Sender Email ID as sent for your VIP SMTP Server. Do not check Use SMTP Username As Sender Email.


I fill up Sender Details. My VIP SMTP Server domain name is so i entered as Sender Email ID. Also i unchecked Use SMTP UserName As Sender Email check box.

9. Now Press Send Mail from the Navigation Menu. You will view Send Mail Window. Here check Send Using 3rd Party SMTP. Then press Manage 3rd Party SMTP.

10. Now enter your VIP SMTP Server details as provided in Manage SMTP window. Then Press Add This SMTP. The SMTP will be added to the list. At last press Save & Close.


11. Now start sending mail. Any time any problem just Contact Us.

How To: Search A List of URLs for emails using Valid Email Collector Advance

7. May 2012 05:33

Sometimes you may need to search a list of URLs using Valid Email Collector Advance. In that case, you can easily do that without a lot of effort. Just use the Search URL List function of Valid Email Collector Advance. Here is how to do it:

1. Open Valid Email Collector Advance.

2. Press Search URL List from the left side menu.

3. Press Browse and select the files that contains all your URL List.

4. Check Search the Whole Directory Only if you want to search the whole website of that specific URL.

5. Check Search the Whole Directory Including Outbound Links to search all the links that is present in that specific URL.

6. Now Press Start Task.

Valid Email Collector Advance will parse all links from your file and it will search each individual URL for email IDs. This is a quick process to search a bunch of URLs easily.

Please contact us if you feel any problem using this features in Valid Email Collector Advance. You can easily download Valid Email Collector Advance from here:

How To: Download Unsubscribers from Rapid Email Marketer

11. April 2012 00:55

Sometimes, you may need to save all unsubscribers. Rapid Email Marketer store all information for you and it is very easy to save all unsubscriber from your Contact List and remove them from your all future contact list so that they will not receive any newsletter from you. To save all unsubscribers follow below steps:

1. Press Contacts>Export Contacts to a File.

2. You will get Export Contacts to a File window. From here check the Filter option. Select the contact list that you want to export. You may check All to export all unsubscribers till now from all your Contact List.

3. Press Next to proceed.

4. Now you will get Export Contacts For All Contact Lists window. From here choose Activity Status: Unsubscribed. You are done.

5. Press Next and Download your contacts in CSV or XML file formats.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel any problem or need support. You may request additional articles that may help in your email marketing success.

How to add more user accounts in my VIP SMTP Server

5. March 2012 13:42

1. Login to your server using https://ipaddress:10000 (You will find this in SMTP details).


2. Press Edit Users from the left column.


3. Press Add user to this server from the middle section.


4. Enter your email ID and password.


5. Press Create to create your new email box.

How to read incoming mail in VIP SMTP Server

5. March 2012 13:29

VIP SMTP Server comes with a simple webmail functionality that allows user to read incoming mails. Here is how to open VIP SMTP Server webmail:

1. Open any browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) and go to this address:

Replace Your-domain-name with your VIP SMTP Server domain name.

2. You may receive security warning because of invalid SSL certificate. Ignore it and add an exception.

3. Enter your SMTP username and password.

4. Now you can see your inbox in VIP SMTP Server.

5. If you create more user account you can also use associated Login details to login and read mails.


Remove Invalid Emails From A List Without Removing Recipient's Other Information

24. November 2011 13:31

The following video will show you how you can remove all invalid emails from a list. All other information associated to an email will be unchanged, only the invalid emails and associated records will be removed. This new function "Clean Master List" is available in new version of Valid Email Verifier.

Download the latest version of Valid Email Verifier from here:

If you feel any problem or need support just mail us to Payment@ValidEmailCollector.Com

Configure multiple SMTP in Rapid Email Sender

4. October 2011 04:33

Rapid Email Sender is capable of using multiple SMTP Server. Here is how to do it

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