How many mails i should send using VIP SMTP Unlimited

6. August 2011 03:18

There is no limitations set. If your recipient list is suscribed then you are free to send any number of mails. In most cases the recipient list is not subscribed. In that case to avoid blacklisting use our guide:

1. Verify your recipient list and decrease bounce: You should check the validity of your recipient list so that you will send less bounce and spam filter will treat you well. Too much bounce will drive your server to be blacklisted. Use Valid Email Verifier. You can download for free from here:


2. Use appropriate Sender Email ID: Don't use a fake sender email ID. You must use a valid sender email ID that matches to your server domain. For example if your server domain is then use (replace anything with friendly name).


3. Check your content with free Spam Filter: You should check your email content with subject with free online spam filter checker. Here is a good free spam filter checker:

This tool will recommend you some change you should do to your email content to look it better to spam filter.


4. Effect of Unsubscribe Link: You should add an unsubscribe line with your mail. It is really effective.


5. Send slow: Don't send too much mail in short period of time. Send in a steady rate will increase your inbox delivery.


6. After Campaign: After sending campaign use Bounce Detector to collect all bounce and remove them from your list. It is vital and very important. You can download Bounce Detector from here:

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