How to configure VIP SMTP Server with Mozilla Thunderbird

23. January 2014 11:06

You can easily configure Mozilla Thunderbird with VIP SMTP Server. Here goes the step by step tutorial on how to read mails from VIP SMTP Server with Mozilla Thunderbird.

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

2. Press Options>Account Settings menu from the toolbar.

3. Account Settings window will appear. Here we need to enter our name, email and password. Check your sender email ID VIP SMTP Server delivery mail. If your domain name is then generally your sender email ID will be

4. Now Press Continue. Then press Manual Config. You will get Manual Configuration window.

5. Set your SMTP Server name, port and SMTP username. You will find all details in your VIP SMTP Server delivery mail. See screenshots below:


6. Press Re-test to check your configuration. Then press Done.


Enjoy reading mail from VIP SMTP Server in Mozilla Thunderbird.

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