My license key is saying invalid

18. May 2018 23:28

I bought license key but my laptop crashed/lost and now I am trying the license key to a new laptop but the license key is invalid.


You can not use the license key to multiple systems. All our license key price is too low. So if you own 2 system then you must purchase 2 license keys. There is some customer who requests us to provide two system license, one for home and another for office. But again to work in 2 system you must purchase 2 licenses.


What if I format my laptop?

Once you reinstall the OS you can not use that license key. You must need to unregister the key before the reinstallation of OS.


How to move the license key to a new system?

If you want to move your license key to a new system then open the software. Press Register. You can see Unregister button in the Registration window. Just press Unregister. A message will confirm that your license key has been unregistered successfully. Now you are free to install and use the license key in a new system.


What if I lost my laptop?

If your system crash or lost then we are very sorry for your loss, but really we can not help you with the license key. The whole system is automated and there is nothing to do for us. You have to purchase a new license key in that case.


Please inform us if you feel any problem or need support.



I can not find gpedit.msc in my computer

17. May 2018 05:02

After recent windows update you can not open Remote Desktop. Getting authentication error, This could be due to CredSSP Oracle Remidiation error. To solve the issue we published a solution here: 


However to solve the issue you have to access gpedit.msc file. But in Microsoft Windows 10 Home edition you can not find gpedit.msc file. Here goes an alternative solution to solve CredSSP Oracle Remidiation authentication error:


1. Run Command Prompt as  Administrator


2. Run the following command

REG  ADD HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\CredSSP\Parameters\ /v AllowEncryptionOracle /t REG_DWORD /d 2


Make sure to copy and paste exactly as it is (yellow colored background).


This should fix your authentication issue with remote desktop.


Let us know if you have any problem or need support.



Remote desktop connection error - solved

10. May 2018 04:03

I was using my Remote Desktop fine. Suddenly after 8th May, 2018 it is not connecting showing a strange error message. Here goes the screenshot:


This happened due to the May, 8 security update to the OS from Microsoft. If you update your remote desktop server as well then the issue will be solved.


Here goes another solution:

1. Right-click Windows Start button then click Run.




2. In Run window type gpedit.msc and press OK to run Local Group Policy Editor.



3. Go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Credentials Delegation -> Encryption Oracle Remediation



4. Double Click Encryption Oracle Remediation to edit its value. Change it to Enable and in Protection level, change back to Vulnerable.


That's it. Hope you enjoy it.

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