Getting started with Extract Any Mail

26. January 2014 11:04

If you are working for craigslist or CPA marketing or as an simple affiliate worker then it is very important for you to store all your emails in one place. You may have a very old email account where there are tons of emails and you need only the email IDs from that email account. It is very easy to get all emails (To, CC, BCC, From) from your email account in a text file. For this task you need Extract Any Mail latest version. Let us get started step by step:


  • Download and install Extract Any Mail for free from here:
  • Run the program.
  • Now we need to add a new account to start extracting emails. To do that press New Account from the toolbar.

  • New Account window will open. Here enter your full email ID and password in respected fields. Finally press Get Settings and all settings will be filled up automatically. If the settings are not stored in the software then you need to fill the details manually.

  • Press Add This Account. Now you are ready to start your task.
  • Press Start Task and the software will collect all emails from your email ID.

If you feel any problem or need support do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Remove Invalid Emails from Mater List

25. January 2014 11:42

1. First save your Master List as .csv file. Your Master List may contain Email ID, First Name, Last Name, Address etc.


2. Then Run Valid Email Verifier. To open the Master List, click “Open” from the toolbar and select “Open File”. Then choose the .csv format from the file type list and select your master List. After that you will have all the emails are extracted in Valid Email Verifier window.



3. Press “Verify List” from the toolbar and select “Verify 100%”. The 100% verification will start.



4. After 100% verification, you will get Valid emails marked in Green color and Invalid emails marked in Red color.

5. To remove the Invalid emails from the Master List, just press “Operation” button on the top the toolbar and select “Clean Master List”. Clean Mater List window will appear.


Ø  Step 1: To select your Mater List press “Browse” and select your Mater List file from the computer.

Ø  Step 2: Check in “Remove Invalid Emails from Master List” to remove Invalid emails.

Ø  Step 3: To save Final cleaned Master List, click “Browse” and select your preferred directory.


6. Press “Perform Action” and then press “Close”. Then go to the preferred directory and open the Master List and you will get all the Valid Emails without change in other details.

Please feel free to contact us.

How to configure VIP SMTP Server with Mozilla Thunderbird

23. January 2014 11:06

You can easily configure Mozilla Thunderbird with VIP SMTP Server. Here goes the step by step tutorial on how to read mails from VIP SMTP Server with Mozilla Thunderbird.

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

2. Press Options>Account Settings menu from the toolbar.

3. Account Settings window will appear. Here we need to enter our name, email and password. Check your sender email ID VIP SMTP Server delivery mail. If your domain name is then generally your sender email ID will be

4. Now Press Continue. Then press Manual Config. You will get Manual Configuration window.

5. Set your SMTP Server name, port and SMTP username. You will find all details in your VIP SMTP Server delivery mail. See screenshots below:


6. Press Re-test to check your configuration. Then press Done.


Enjoy reading mail from VIP SMTP Server in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Yahoo IMAP not working with Extract Any Mail

7. January 2014 11:34

In some cases Extract Any Mail shows "Connection Failed" while connecting to Yahoo IMAP. In that case you need to use Yahoo POP settings with Extract Any Mail. The default settings is IMAP. Override it with POP settings like below:


Incoming Mail (POP) Server - Requires SSL

  • Server:
  • Port: 995
  • Enable SSL: Yes

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