How to add more user accounts in my VIP SMTP Server

5. March 2012 13:42

1. Login to your server using https://ipaddress:10000 (You will find this in SMTP details).


2. Press Edit Users from the left column.


3. Press Add user to this server from the middle section.


4. Enter your email ID and password.


5. Press Create to create your new email box.

How to read incoming mail in VIP SMTP Server

5. March 2012 13:29

VIP SMTP Server comes with a simple webmail functionality that allows user to read incoming mails. Here is how to open VIP SMTP Server webmail:

1. Open any browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) and go to this address:

Replace Your-domain-name with your VIP SMTP Server domain name.

2. You may receive security warning because of invalid SSL certificate. Ignore it and add an exception.

3. Enter your SMTP username and password.

4. Now you can see your inbox in VIP SMTP Server.

5. If you create more user account you can also use associated Login details to login and read mails.


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